Logo Digitizing

The Embroidery Studio is proud to provide professional in-house logo digitizing & in-house embroidery services, which rank among the best in this industry. We are able to reach such an achievement due to our high quality craftsmanship and quick turn around time, while providing our customers with competitive prices.

Why do I need my logo digitized?

Logos are images that represent you and your business. They can come to life with character and appeal.

Once your logo has been digitized it can be embroidered onto hats, jackets, shirts and other clothing, providing you with cost effective advertising and company branding.

What does logo digitizing mean?

Digitizing a logo refers to a professional process in which your logo is converted into a computerized embroidery format . Once converted our embroidery machines will be able to sew your logo onto hats, jackets,t-shirts, bags etc. ensuring each and every item is identical in quality and appearance.

What format should my logo be in for digitizing ?

We require your logo in any one of the following file types.

  • .ai for Adobe Illustrator .cdr for Corel Draw
  • .pdf for Adobe PDF documents
  • esp for Encapsulated PostScript
  • jpg for jpeg picture files
  • .psd for Adobe Photoshop files
  • .bmp for Bitmap

We are able to get the best image results in the shortest amount of time from these file types.

How much does it cost?

Logo digitizing ranges in price from Canadian $60.00 – $150.00 as a one time fee, using a left chest sized logo as an example. We also provide a free editing services on a variety of fabric adjustments.

The complexity of your logo design will effect what we call the stitch count of your logo. The stitch count can vary from $10.00 – $20.00 /1000 stitches.

Our prices are very reasonable and we guarantee our quality is the best in the industry. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

The best way to get a price quote quickly is to fill out our simple form, so we can give you an accurate quote with absolutely no obligation. Don’t forget to attach your logo for best results.

How long does logo digitizing take?

Logo digitizing can vary between 1 – 7 days depending how quickly you require your digitized logo and how complex your design is. We always meet or beat the deadline!

How do I know what the embroidered logo will look like?

With every order we will provide a free swatch for your approval. This will ensure you are completely satisfied with how your logo will look before being embroidered on your garment. Our customer satisfaction record is 100%.

Will you re-sell or copy our logo without permission?

Absolutely not, we respect copyright law and policy.

Please contact us and we will gladly help you with any order.

Thank you!